Obama Speaks the Truth

Wow. I can’t believe a politician actually announced how they feel about “us”. Apparently Obama stated how ignorant and worthless (interpret it for yourself) the general public is, and is now having to cover his ass.

The scene was a ‘private’ fundraiser with his rich supporters. He made his speech. Word got out afterward about his blunder.

I’m just impressed that he had the balls to express how the politicians feel about the public. Unfortunately, he is now going to cover up as best he can. I would have had more respect for him if he would have just stuck with how he feels. I still wouldn’t vote for the man, but I would have respected him for telling the truth.

Almost as sad is the fact that Hillary and McCain are trying to spin this in their favor. All of them could not care less about you and I, but they are jumping on Obama to get their own gain. Pitiful.