Pay the government day has passed again

April 15th has come and gone. Millions of Americans have filled out their yearly paperwork for the government to track how much was made and paid to them.

Unfortunately, these same Americans overpay the government all year long. This makes for a refund the following spring, but it also makes for an interest-free loan to the US and state governments for about a year. Is this something most people can afford? No, they are just ignorant of this fact. Maybe they even realize it and just ignore the loan.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take an interest-free loan any day of the week. Do you really think that we need to be giving the government such a loan?

I guess my point in writing this is that we should all make sure our W-4 forms on file at our employers are correct. Yes, you should probably be very careful when calculating the number of allowances, and maybe even reduce it by one or two just to not wind up owing the government next spring.

Also, if you are like I used to be and can’t save by yourself, the government will be more than happy to hold it for you until next spring. For some people that works out better than trying to save for themselves.

Just please be aware that your dollars will do much better (I hope) in your hands than in the government’s coffers. I have been doing a lot of research about saving v investing, and saving is a sucker’s game.

Yes, you get a small interest rate (~5.15% on my last CD), but the returns on investing in Gold, currency, the stock market, etc. are much better rates than that. Now, the CD or savings rates are guaranteed and markets are up and down, so only invest (or gamble) what you can afford to lose. Now, you will likely eventually make your money back at the very least if you can wait long enough, but never gamble everything at once just in case you need to liquidate some money fast.

My advice for the day: Invest in some silver. It’s cheaper than gold and much more likely to double in value faster.

Disclaimer: I am no kind of financial representative, and these are just my opinions.