Well, there’s more 1984 coming

In order to fight terror and prevent another 9/11 we must pass more laws to restrict and/or intercept communications on the web. The government needs no proof that there may be or is a crime in progress to tap communications in any way they see fit. Everyone must be watched if the government sees fit.

“Our” congress is considering even more legislation to enable the government and pointless ‘DHS’ to watch anything done electronically. It’s not bad enough that the ‘Patriot Act’ ripped the Constitution to shreds and basically voided any rights we used to have as Americans, now they are continually proposing new legislation to create more possibilities for the government to illegally monitor what Joe Public is doing.

For the most part, I don’t give a crap if they know I was looking at plasma TV’s or reading about the latest celebrity gossip. Unfortunately, what happens when I decide I DO care? Does the government have the right to sit and monitor everywhere I go and everything I do? No.

What personal communications I have and what I do is my business, not the Fed’s. Just because we use bits and bytes today instead of couriers does not mean that the government can change the rules mid-stream and start intercepting communications willy-nilly.

We keep plummeting down this hole and no one seems to realize it. The depression is coming shortly (look at the dollar value and ‘stimulus package’), crime will increase (out of desparation), and they will point to the high crime as a reason to enact more strict laws. That’s just my prediction.

I certainly hope I am wrong, but that’s just what I fear from what I see happening today.