My top 5 touring comedians

With George Carlin’s passing, I have decided to throw together a list of my top 5 comedians who are touring. Yes, there are a great many more who are hilarious, but may be deceased, doing television, movies, or whatever.

Please take a look and see where or if these funny people rate on your personal list.

  • Ron White is hilarious, even if he is drunk for his sets. The man relates everyday humor to his audiences without coming off as ‘hickish’.

  • Somewhat negating what I just said, Jeff Foxworthy is completely hickish and is shameless about coming off that way. His sets have been entertaining since the mid-1990’s that I know of, giving him more credibility in my opinion than some others who make their names on catchphrases.
  • Completely modern and devoid of any country-isms is Lewis Black. Mr. Black is seated in the same vein as the late George Carlin, but with a more political tone. While I can’t say that I totally agree with him, I can say that his appearances are absolutely hilarious.
  • Up next is probably the best comedian to come about in the 2000-generation, Dave Chappelle. Dave had some small supporting film roles earlier on, but was a household name after the debut of “Chappelle’s Show”. From there he was a well-known name with everyone who liked his humor.
  • Finally, I have to give mention to Eddie Izzard. If Kevin or Emily are reading this, they knew he would be mentioned. The man has a show on Fox called “The Riches”, appeared in “Ocean’s Twelve”, and has many other appearances under his belt. My first encounter with Eddie was catching his special “Dress to Kill” from 1999 on HBO. I was up late one night and flipping channels when I came across this guy dressed weird and doing stand-up. I wrote down his name and from there tracked down other bits he has done.

That is my list of the top 5 comedians touring recently or currently. Yes, there are a lot of hilarious men and women out there that I don’t have listed, these are just the 5 I narrowed-down and chose to list. If you have your own list, say so. It’s a free country.