New work-in-progress… Thoughts?

Here’s my latest attempt at a good theme. I appreciate all of you who stuck with me during my trial of Google Ads. After a few months (3?) of getting nothing more than a couple of dollars in revenue, I’ve decided that I would much rather have that garbage out of the way than have the money. I’m doing this as a hobby, not to make anything or annoy you readers. If you decide you want to reduce my cost of hosting and domain renewal, just use the “MP3 player fund” icon in the sidebar of the other pages.

Back to the current work – please have a look and let me know what you think. I know most of you still prefer to email me and that’s fine, but please consider using the comments. The comments prove to the rest of the world that I’m not crazy… yet.

We’re over 100 visitors per day still, which is great considering the small market and how little content I’ve put up lately. I am truly sorry for the slacking, and I won’t bore you with excuses. Frankly, I’m just going to try and be more diligent with getting more content up.

So please, look and poke, realize this is a work-in-progress, subscribe to the RSS feed, and tell me what you think!