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Daniel’s Tweets for 2008-06-26

  • @calilewis U are! #
  • Family Guy relaxes me, and I need it. #
  • Bright and shiny morning. #
  • Twitter is very picky about the number of requests you can have in an hour. Don’t blame them with the scaling problems, though. #
  • The SSH VPN is sooooo close… I need to learn OpenVPN syntax. #
  • I hope there’s something to eat at the house. I’m hungry and lunchis 20 minutes out. #
  • Emilysays pizza for lunch. I’ve been eating a lot less, but I am hungry today. Less pop too. #
  • Cable is out at the house. That means no interwebz either. Oh noes! Better be fixed by 5. #
  • OMG. Twitter isn’t updating AGAIN. FFS. #
  • Darn you Twitter, for being so good and so bad at the same time. #
  • At least Twitter is updating again. Still no cable at the house though. #
  • SSL VPN connecting, but still no VoIP. #
  • @calilewis I just wish for working VoIP. #
  • Still no cable. Grrr #

Free/Inexpensive Kids Activities at the Salute to Freedom

The Convention and Tourism Bureau will be putting on a spectacular fireworks display again this year at Mount Vernon Outland Airport on July 4th. Last year, the Mount Vernon Jaycees brought out games, prizes, and face painting to provide entertainment for the kids before the fireworks began. Unfortunately, it rained until just before dark. Still, many kids came through and had a great time.

This year, the Jaycees have decided to bring out 3 giant inflatable play-sets for the kids to have fun with and bring back face painting. There will also be a raffle of two (2) $50 gas cards. The raffle will be $1/chance, and face painting will also hold a minimal cost to cover paint (probably $1/cheek).

The spectacular news is that there will be absolutely no cost for children to play on/in the inflatable playsets. Yes, you read correctly – FREE.

“We felt as a community organization that we wanted all children to come out and have fun, without causing an expense to parents. Also, the gas cards could make a parent or visitor very happy.” – Greg Mehochko, 2008 Kids’ Alley chairman

As a community organization, the Jaycees feel it is important to provide entertainment at this family event for those who arrive early. Everyone knows sometimes children get antsy while waiting, and this should be fun for them to enjoy while waiting for dusk.

The Jaycees would like to thank the Convention and Tourism Bureau for allowing us to present Kids’ Alley again this year and for their continued support of our endeavors.

Contact the Mount Vernon Jaycees at jaycees[at]mvn[dot]net .

Daniel’s Tweets for 2008-06-25

  • Em is dominating the TV tonight. 3 freaking hours of Deadliest Catch. #
  • It’s almost over! #
  • My TV is back, but it’s almost bedtime. Grrr… #
  • Nervous about work today. Think happy thoughts… #
  • Great news from the Chamber regarding Jaycees involvement. #
  • Almost lunch. #

The Wednesday Show – 06-25-2008

Kevin, Murph, and I go at it with a simple show about fans, each other, and general nonsense. Believe it or not I actually got censored by Kevin. How’s that for some irony?

Adult content as always, so listen at your own risk.

Oh, and finally a contact email for Emily.

Daniel’s Tweets for 2008-06-24

  • Robot Chicken, FTW! #
  • Everyone still sleeping. I wanna sleep in too. #
  • This VPN will work, so help me. #
  • VPN connects, now to direct traffic. #
  • Yay for lunch. #
  • Back to the work. #
  • People who drink and drive anger me. #
  • So much computing… #
  • @calilewis No conditioner for you! #