Daniel’s Tweets for 2008-07-14

  • Well, the most horrid of headaches is gone again. I pray it stays gone. #
  • I love my Sunday night cartoons on Fox. Miss ‘The War at Home’ though. Can’t believe they kept ‘Til Death’ – it’s crap. #
  • Going to bed after uploading some new photos to Flickr. Can’t wait to podcast tomorrow afternoon. #
  • I need a webdev and/or site designer for a local festival. Anyone willing to work for sponsor credit? Anyone? *crickets* #
  • Inspiration comes from the strangest places sometimes. #
  • I really, really wish LimePC would launch their products. http://www.limefree.org #
  • THREE more twitterbots this morning. C’mon, get it together guys. #
  • Recording some podcasty-ness. #