Linux pure?

I’ve watched the debate prattle across the internet for years – Should GNU/Linux allow closed-source code into it’s channels/repos/the kernel?

This has to be the stupidest argument that I have had the pleasure of staying out of until now. Reasoning is simple: Linux is free as in beer, and free as in freedom. You can take it and mold it as you wish. Anyone can add code, modify code, and generally do whatever they want with it.

If people want to add non-free (as in freedom) code to their flavor/version/distribution of Linux, why not? If Linus Torvalds wants to allow non-free code into the kernel, why not? (not that he ever would)

No, you aren’t free to see it or do what you want with it, but some of the code is the only opportunity for good/great drivers and more. People will always have the choice to not use whatever sliver of code is in a flavor if they disagree morally, ethically, or any other-ly you can think of to throw in that spot.

That’s the beauty of GNU/Linux. You do what you want. I mean, if some guy in Alaska wants to take it and compile a one-off distribution, he can. If Microsoft wants to compile a Windows clone and redistribute it, they can.

With this freedom, why does the argument continue to exist?