Movies – To see or not to see

Last week I went to see the Dark Knight movie at a midnight showing. (horrible experience at Kerasotes that they vaguely apologized for) This week sees the new Will Ferrell movie, Hellboy, and X-Files waiting to tap my entertainment budget.

I have to say that I’m not in favor of any except Hellboy 2. Yes, Will’s movie will be entertaining and the X-Files is interesting from a nostalgic point. Other than those reasons I don’t see any need to go fork over my dollars to a facility that screwed up the Dark Knight premiere.

H2 looks to have campy humor, big villains, and the main character is a total smart-ass. Sounds like some solid entertainment. Will always puts out funny material (okay, except Kicking and Screaming), but there is nothing there to warrant the expense of seeing it on the big screen. X-Files sounds nice if you want to remember the 90’s, but it hasn’t shown me anything worth more than a rental at the video store.

Emily wants to go retro and see X-Files, so maybe I’ll get drug to that. Otherwise, is there really anything worth going to see? Not in my opinion.