NGI Technology seems to back the government spying I mentioned…

I mentioned in an item last week how easy it would be for the government to begin using widely available information to keep detailed information on the general populous. Then, I was talking about a bill that was before the Congress requiring detailed transaction information transferred to government storage for use as they see fit.

This time, I came across an article on Popular Mechanics site that discusses the pros and cons of NGI (Next Generation Identification) technology.

Lockheed Martin has been commissioned to develop this system that will presumably be used to maintain photos, retinal scans, and possibly other information about ‘criminals’. All of this information will be stored with our government as a grand database of people identifiers.

Most assuredly, the governed were sold on this idea as a way to keep track of ‘criminals’. I’m sure there were all kinds of examples used that sound great, and probably are perfect uses of this technology. What I’m not so sure of is who will be monitoring the monitors… (blatantly paraphrased from Enemy of the State)

All men desire power, money, and sex. The first two can get the last, money becomes such a large amount that you stop caring about getting more, but power can keep growing and growing. Hence why I fear such information being trusted in the hands of so few.

Right now, the photos have to be high resolution, but I have no doubts that as computers become ‘smarter’ the photo quality will become irrelevant. At that point, social services like Facebook and MySpace will provide a pre-made crop of public domain information for these computers to harvest. All of the tagging of your friends and family will help make the harvest extremely easy for the supercomputers.

Yes, I’m a fruitcake and none of this will ever happen. Think about the Holocaust. What happened after the Jews were forced to register and wear the Star of David? I am not in any way trying to lessen the horror of the Holocaust, just drawing a parallel.

Think about it.