Taxes from every angle…

Have you ever sat down and thought about how many taxes you pay?

Think about it: property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, bed (hotel) taxes, and on and on and on…

How do we survive? I mean, all levels of government keep taxing us from before we get paid, to yearly taxes on our homes, to taxes on our gas to get to our jobs, to sales tax on everything. I just keep thinking about how much money is given to the government by an average person and I am amazed.

Have you ever figured up the amount you pay yearly? It’s astounding. I did a guesstimate of what the government takes from us over the course of a year, and I was shocked. I won’t share the amount here for personal reasons, but we wound up at about 25%.

Can you belive I work 10 hours per week so our government can exist? So they can spy on me. So people can starve on the streets daily. So our borders can be wide open. So they can criminalize everything and keep Haliburton building prisons. So the prison-guard unions can keep influencing to make more laws to keep those prisons full. So we can invade other countries that have been at war for thousands of years and think we can solve it.

I’ll stop now before I really get upset.