You send your job across the ocean daily

Lots of people today like to bitch about how all of the good old American jobs are hard to find, going overseas, etc. Well, guess what? You are the one supporting China, lowering wages, and ruining our country.

It’s sad but true. Every time someone shops at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or any other place that sells goods made overseas they are shipping our dollars across the ocean. You are supporting some little asian kid making $.03/hour and depriving an American of a job.

“But everything is like that…” “But I can’t afford to shop anywhere but Wal-Mart…”

Can you afford to live in a third-world country? That’s where we are headed. Think about it – no manufacturing, corporations owning farming, lazy population, tech jobs moving overseas, and more I’m sure I’m missing.

What do we have left? White-collar jobs? Not after everything leaves. We will become China just to survive. Talk about the most surprising flip ever, and it is coming. Thanks to our laziness and inability to see the obvious screwing of ourselves we will soon be hosed.

Perhaps we should all wake up and quit sending our money overseas? Maybe quit sending half of your cell-phone bill to Europe? Yes folks, 1/2 of Verizon Wireless is owned by Vodafone, a European mobile company. Good job America!

This is going to require some serious thought and planning on your part to stop supporting other countries, but it can be done. So, will you continue screwing yourself, or make the tough sacrifices now and save our future?