Here we go againnnnnn

School has started the fall semester. Strangely enough this fall will see our whole household going to class. Em is doing dental school, I’m in the 3rd semester of my IT Specialist, and the kids are in grade school.

Needless to say, we are running around like crazy people. Erich’s birthday is soon, Emily is getting the shots for her clinicals, I’m running 14 hour Monday’s, Erich has football, there are various Jaycee projects, and then homework for everyone. Wow, that was hard to summarize. I can’t imagine having to say it all.

I have come to the realization that 14 hour Monday’s are going to wipe me out. Wednesdays aren’t bad with 7 hours, I can recover from those. I have to go straight to bed Monday night though. I’m paying for not realizing that sooner today.

Some good news: Emily is wallpapering Erich’s room and it looks great so far. She’s almost done and ready to paint. Trivia night is creeping along. We’re still working on table sponsors and teams, but people are showing interest and giving us a positive response.

Thankfully my evening Linux class is going to be pretty easy. I was one of two with a passing score (if they were graded) on the pre-test. Windows Server shouldn’t be too difficult either since I deal with it every day. SQL has me scared since I know very little about databases, but our Prof seems like a guy who will help us get it and help however he can.

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything but Twitter updates, but as you can tell we’ve been busy. I’ll try to get more up here as time allows. Thanks for the emails!