How can anyone vote for Obama OR McCain?

How can a citizen of these United States vote for either of these two? Let’s ignore semantics – I know they can vote for them because this is still a semi-free republic.

My point is that neither of them lives a normal life, nor have they. Both candidates pander to votes and refuse to take a stand on anything.

The extremely sad fact is that both will get a majority of their votes from idiots who blindly follow party lines. Perhaps at one time Republicans stood for the moral conservative views, but no longer. They now give wishy-washy answers about abortion and many other topics. Democrats used to be for the little man, but now they are just rich men and women who tax-burden us like Republicans give breaks to corporations.

Gone are the days of the founding political ideals, and now we are left with idiots running the country into the ground.

Please don’t waste your vote on either of the duopoly candidates. Go vote for someone you actually support.

The only real way to ‘throw your vote away’ is to keep these to sides of the coin in charge. Heck, they are more on the same side now.