Hurricanes suck

I know that we have nothing on the coastlines, but we are in the middle of the country. Today the systems spawned from Ike made it to our area with plenty of rain and wind.

After getting the kids to Sunday school and coming home to take the dog out, I was watching some TV and surfing the interwebs. Then I heard some cracking and popping, but didn’t think anything of it. The wind was pretty strong so I just thought I was hearing things.

When mom and dad dropped the kids back home, Erich asked me how the limb hit our house. I was freaked-out, and went to check the situation.

Sure enough, a 3-4 inch, 3-foot limb had fallen from the tree next to our house. Apparently it fell on the roof and then the wind blew it the rest of the way off.

I can’t see any damage, but I took pictures just in case and because the wind made me mad. Stupid hurricanes.

If you’re curious, see my Flickr photostream below.