Mount Vernon Jaycees’ House of Horror to open

Can you believe that in a little over a week the Jaycees will open for their 30 or 40-odd-th year of scaring locals? I can’t.

I can say that we have had great fun building the HoH this year like we always do. Sure, there are issues and an occasional disagreement, but overall it’s a great project that everyone has time participating in every year. We may put in more work these 3 months (yes, we start pretty early) than others do in a year. Hearing those screams and watching big men hit the floor make it all worth it.

This year the Jaycees went with the theme of ‘Blackthorn Asylum’. The idea is that these are the last tours before the asylum is torn down. A bubbly nurse welcomes everyone, then visitors tour through cells at their own risk.

It’s amazing and frightful to see what inmates can and will do when left to their own devices. With C.S. Blackthorn disappearing and the building falling to disarray the city has decided it would be better demolished – and all of the horrible memories with it.

Come out and take a tour yourself starting October 10th at 7:30. We will have WDML doing a live remote, and any other surprises we can dig up.

The House of Horror will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting the 10th, and the 29 – 31. All evenings will open at 7:30.