Great article for all tech workers

I just came across a great letter/article in my daily tech news reading that strikes a significant nerve. My first-morning reading generally consists of checking for breaking virus/trojan/network attacks to be prepared here at the office. is normally a ‘recreational’ reading I reserve for home, but for some reason I clicked on this particular link.

I have to say it states several plain truths that apply to Linux, but even to IT people. To a slightly lesser degree it makes sense that it can be used in any tech and some general life situations.

We as people tend to forget what it was like to start out using a computer, gadget, phone, or whatever we know a little more about than someone else. Having a bit more knowledge than whomever we are helping often leads us to be short and forget “Nobody is born knowing this stuff.”

I think back, and I am guilty of this as we all are from time to time. Never forget what it’s like to be the new guy. Someday this new person could wind up knowing more or doing something great. Do you want them to remember you as helpful or with a poopy attitude? Think about it.