Now that the election has subsided…

Some are happy, some are sad. Stereotype spam is flowing everywhere. I can’t keep track of all the black-stereotyped emails, sms, and mms messages I have gotten over the past week. Some were pretty funny, and some were just mean.

I have to say that with Obama as president, our foreign image will improve greatly. The man has an awesome personality and relates to most anyone. As Kevin is fond of saying, he is “One smooth brother”. He’ll probably even give us warm fuzzy feelings as the economy continues to spiral downward.

John McCain might have been able to get the same results, but his campaign was over at least when he picked that tart from Alaska as his running mate. There are elections when you can just tell that the party has already conceded the election, and this was conceded by the republicans a long time before November 4th. It is sad but true.

Unfortunately, I think that Obama’s policies, given his inexperience, stand a good chance of disaster. I hope I am wrong.

My point with this post is that we can’t seem to get a well-rounded candidate. We need a president who is a great leader, listens to the people, and has the country’s interests at heart. As it stands now, we elect the lesser of two evils. Whatever happened to the president being a leader, and using a support cast (cabinet, etc.) to help with foreign policy, ambassadors to help foreign relations, and all of the other positions of the executive branch?

We can’t have anyone good in those supporting roles as those positions go to party favorites or heavy campaign contributors.

It would also be nice if the American people would realize that voting for a Republican or Democrat is a waste and continuation of the duopoly that we have today. People need to start investigating ‘third’ parties and what they stand for in politics. As it stands, people vote for what the two old parties stood for in the past: conservative or liberal. I know that is oversimplification, but it’s boiled down to be concise.

“I’m wasting my vote…” No, you’re wasting your vote when you keep these two in charge and neither gives a damn about you, me, or anyone except their buddies. Politics in this country has become a load of crap. We might as well be communists. Everything is a crime, monitoring of the public is everywhere (privacy?), and the government over-regulates every facet of our lives.

Maybe a third party won’t care for you either, but perhaps their views will meet up more with yours. Then some things can start changing. As it is now, the duopoly runs things how they want with no 3rd party input.

Do everyone a favor, and check out Libertarian, Constitution, or even Green parties. I don’t agree with the Green party, but they aren’t any worse than what we have now.