No Walgreens’ Computer Room for me

Most of you know that I recently interviewed for a position within the Walgreens’ DC Computer Room. I have been waiting for about 3 weeks to hear if I was selected or passed. Normally, Walgreens will send out the infamous ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ postcard, and I hadn’t received one so I was hopeful.

This afternoon I received a call from the lady who was part of my interview team. At that point my heart lept. In my experience, calls were reserved for offers and the postcard of doom was sent to those not chosen.

I was wrong. In this case they were nice enough to call me and let me know that I was not selected for the position.

As much as I hoped for the position, I can say I am still happy that I will be able to finish my degree this spring and find another position. If I had been hired by Walgreens, I probably would have been locked into that employment for some time given the current economic climate and incompatability of their schedule with the classes offered at RLC.

Needless to say, it has been a tough day with finals throughout, and then not getting the position. I feel that we will carry on and survive through it all though.

In case anyone misread what I have written here, I really am thankful for a phonecall instead of the postcard-of-doom. It’s nice that they were able to give me a courtesy call rather than a cold postcard. For that, I say thank you.

Time to bunker down for my hardest semester yet…