And so it begins

Another new year has begun.  The kids had a wild night of pizza and soda and watching the ball drop in New York. Simone was here, and all 3 of them had a blast partying it up and acting completely foolish. Between the three of them, they used every plate and glass we had in the house for some reason. It still amazes me how they can need a new glass every time they have a drink, but somehow they do.

Emily was in charge of the circus until I got home from work at 10:30. From there I managed the menagerie up until the ball dropped and the kids got to break out their ‘sparkling apple cider’. They even did a ‘toast’ to the new year. It was pretty cute to watch, I have to say.

Emily slept in until 1 this afternoon. She has to work tonight, as do I, and I’m not sure how much sleep she’ll get tomorrow since I will be working at Ecodigital. Better to get some extra today than do without. When mom’s tired and poopy, everyone suffers. 🙂

Personally, I’m looking forward to finishing my final semester and finally having a degree as an IT Dork. The degree is technically IT Specialist, but it covers so much area that I wish it was more descriptive. Hopefully I will finish my degree with a pay increase and/or a change in employment status. Part-time isn’t paying the bills, hence 2.5 jobs on top of home and school. Yeah, that’s me whining a bit.

For those of you reading my junk, I hope the new year has found you well and leaves you better. For friends and family, I wish nothing but the best for you as well. (Oh, and if you win the lottery, don’t forget me. I won’t forget you.)