I assure you… Boredom at work

Katie told me to change the sign at work. Now, for those of you who are not aware, I’m working at the gas station/convenience store between my IT job, full time school, and sleeping. The money isn’t great, but I really appreciate the position as the extra income helps out.

About a week ago, Katie (my manager) told me to change the sign at work. I have been trying to come up with something clever and/or unique to put up and entertain/draw in customers. Before the holidays, I had told Katie she had to see Clerks and Clerks II as she said she had not after I made some references that should be plain to anyone who has seen the films.

Katie works at the video store up the street part-time as well, so she rented them. Then, she took them back. She said she couldn’t handle the black and white. I informed her that she had to watch them, and the content is well worth it. She declined.

Once you add together me being put in charge of changing the sign, and Katie refusing to give Clerks the respect it deserves, the result is this:

Clerks reference II

Hope someone finds it as entertaining as I do before it gets taken down. There are a couple of other shots in my Flickr stream, but it’s the same view.