discovery by me

I’m not sure if I have mentioned listening to streaming music in a previous post or not, but at this point it doesn’t matter to me. This has replaced having the television on while I write at home just for background noise. Frankly I’m happier because I get to listen to what I want instead of being at the mercy of a top 40 station or some randomized stream.

The wonderful site I have (personally) discovered is Yes, they have been around for awhile, but the site is new to me. allows you to add artists, albums, and even single tracks to ‘your’ radio station. then streams the tracks randomly when you listen to your station. To make things even more fun, you and friends can recommend tracks to each other.

Want to hear a song more often? Click ‘Love’. How about not hearing a track ever again? Click ‘Ban’.

To me this is about the greatest service ever. To boot, it’s completely free to use.

Go to and see what you think. If you like it, add me (dirtvoyles). Perhaps we can help each other discover some new tunes.