Premiere this Friday perhaps

I just received word from Jeremy that my first bit of writing for our local newspaper will probably be appearing this Friday. Yay, I’ll be somewhat legitimate.

My first bite will only be a short piece about who I am and some background information. Nothing too fancy, but it will let people know who I am and perhaps help them relate to me.

From there, we will see how evolution takes the writing and me through its life-cycle. Maybe it will move to a Q&A style, perhaps it will be me posting things I like, and perhaps it will just fizzle out into nothing.

Jeremy is going to put my work in the online area of the R-N I suppose. Guess print is too expensive for an un-proven bit of work such as myself.

If you don’t mind, go check my corner out and see what you think. If nothing else, the hits should show interest. 🙂