Why the obsession?

I wonder almost daily what Emily’s obsession with ‘Mythbusters’, ‘Deadliest Catch’, and Discovery Channel has sprung from. I am the first to admit that today’s crop of mainstream television shows suck, but damn I get tired of the various marathons that DC seems to have every week.

For example, New Year’s Day she took over the television and devoted her afternoon to watching and re-watching Mythbusters episodes. No watching anything else, just the re-runs.

Occasionally the Mythbusters have some good tales to test, and Deadliest Catch isn’t bad in small doses, but she insists on watching them every time they are on. How can a person re-watch the same testing and dramatic fish-catching over, and over, and over, and over…?

Mostly this post is asking if anyone has any insight into this behavior. Do you know others who have this type of obsession? Do you?

I’m really wondering what is going on with the obsession.