Can you make money writing?

I’m pretty curious about this concept. Writing has always been something I enjoyed since grade school, but I have never actually thought that it was a probable career.

While I admire writers, my understanding is that most scrape through life and a very few ‘hit it big’ and make enough money to write as their profession. At least this is what I have been told by those local reporters I know working for our newspapers.

As a child, I admired writers’ ability to craft a story or article in such a way as it was engaging and/or entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be a policeman as a child, but even back then my thoughts would drift to writing from time to time.

Recently, I have started a general computer help column for the Register-News called ‘Ask A Geek‘, and have put myself out there by submitting to about Ubuntu Linux. I’m not expecting a lot, and doing both just to add to my life experience, but there is the nagging thought of ‘Can I make a living at this?’

My heart hopes so, but my brain is not letting me quit the 9-5, buy a pipe, and wear a robe all day. I suppose only time will tell.