Lately, things are off

I’m sure it’s just me, actually, I know it’s just me. I’ve just graduated after a long two years, my job hasn’t paid me, and now I’m searching for new employment.

While I have been looking for more gainful employ for some time, it kind of takes on a new importance when you don’t have anything currently. I’m pretty sad about that since I did like my job, but if the state doesn’t pay them, they can’t pay me. Silly bill collectors demand a little more than ‘The state is two years behind in paying my company, so they can’t pay me.’ Oh well, trying times make you stronger.

I am sad that I won’t see the guys and gals that went through the program with me. We all keep in touch via social networks and some calls, but it’s not the same as seeing them a couple of times each week. I have to say they are all pretty cool people, and were great to work with in class.

Well, times change. Guess I’m changing with them. Still, everything at once kind of robs me of any stability. That is something I miss as well – a predictable routine.