RLC Interview

Well, I just went through my interview at RLC. It was a panel-style interview, which I’m starting to get used to anymore. Seems like most places are moving to that type of process.

I had a good time chatting with everyone and answering the questions. The range of questions was pretty broad. There were even some that broke new ground in the form of questions I’m used to hearing. Nothing wild, but some new ones to be sure.

Unfortunately I don’t think that I did as well as some other interviews I’ve had recently. My answers don’t sound that great now that I go back and re-think them in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recall any major gaffes, save one: I said money was important to me.

Yeah, I did.

At the time I said it, it made sense – my current company is shaky thanks to the state and may not be able to pay me. Naturally I am worried about money, and it is important. Still, what kind of idiot says that in an interview?

Apparently I do. Ever wanna bang your head on a desk? I’m there right now. Oh well, perhaps they can see past that faux pas and realize I’m qualified and want to work. I want to work locally. I want to live and be happy.

Wish me luck, they had a lot of applicants and I’m just a one in whatever shot.