Standardized online application?

Recently I have been completing quite a few online applications in my current search. Wal-Mart, Staples, Radio Shack, etc. Each one has their own different application format and style. Some have the common psychological test, some give you scenario questions, and others just want basic information.

My question is, can we use a standard application process, at least to get basic information, education, and work history? I know there will be specific questions and details for each site, but there stands to be some common ground between at least these three key areas.

OpenID has attempted to simplify the login process across websites with its initiative, and I would think that the process could similarly apply to the application process. Simple setup, one time, to be used across many websites. Those of us searching for new employment would be grateful, and companies would gain an extremely simplified application process based on some standards (I would think).

I understand the concerns about privacy and security. I’m a bit paranoid myself, but there are smarter people than me who could address these issues and probably prepare a solution.

I don’t know, but does anyone think it’s a good idea?