Daniel’s Tweets for 2009-07-15

  • Meeting of Jaycees tomorrow evening, Chamber Thursday, and lots of stress in-between. #
  • I knew better than to auto-upgrade WordPress, but I did it anyway. Let the repairs begin… #
  • I think the damage from my upgrade fiasco is fixed. #
  • I find myself wondering how awesome it is to be @joebucklive . I mean, broadcasting the All Star Game in his hometown? Awesome. #
  • And now @joebucklive gets to hang with the President? Envy, I has it. #
  • And Yadier ties it up, then scores the go-ahead run! #
  • 1/2 over and our NL has a slim lead. #
  • Yay for fear mongering! Another article to scare the public by Reuters. #idiots http://tinyurl.com/na6o37 #