Today, I was offered ‘dream job’

And hell yes I accepted the offer. As of December 7th I will be working for School Center in Carbondale. The drive will suck a little, but the joy of doing what I want every day and being a part of a normal job will be awesome. I miss the routine of going into work, doing my job, and going home. It won’t be that every day, as it is a datacenter, but it’s closer than anything I’ve done recently.

I have to say that I was/am very grateful for the position I have been working for the past month and a half, but this is a great opportunity and it will not be passing me by while I sit there and wave. I am also extremely thankful for my family and friends’ support over the past 6 months while I have been looking for employment, and more recently for better employment.

At least for the next two weeks I get to whistle while I work and look forward to the future instead of wondering if this is my lot in life. I’m excited as can be, but you who know me well know I have one look, so don’t expect me to be jumping around or anything.

AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNDDDD I will get to release this stupid blog back into the wild instead of hiding it like Sloth in The Goonies.