2011-03-05 Twitter Digest

  • Well, I suppose this box of clothes won't get to the mission on its own. #
  • So, you should check out Aaron Lewis' album Tuesday, and Unstoppable (movie) now. #
  • Like a Twinkie, like a Twinkie. #
  • Toy Story 3 gets best animated feature, but girl loses for True Grit. #WTF #
  • "@WSILNews: Strongest cell will be to Mt. Vernon within the next 15 minutes (12:50)" is not what I want to hear at 0035. #
  • Made it through false-tornado-alert #2457 Now it seems to be raining a touch. #
  • I could swear that the workday just started. Nice when it flies by. #
  • Isn't it great being married to someone who is wildly impulsive? #
  • Filling the gas tank or food, that is the question. #
  • Star Trek must have been amazing on the big screen. #
  • No, the original on SyFy. <- still a ghey name #
  • I have a feeling that following @CharlieSheen may result in #winning overload. Or at least feed overload. #
  • Mmmm, Walking Dead marathon on AMCHD. #
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