Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-02-15

  • Enjoying the artificial butt-kissing. (at Jim's Formal Wear) #
  • Just in case anyone hasn't played yet… | You Can Now Play Angry Birds on Facebook http://t.co/ps4A9QwJ #
  • It's great he speaks for the 9th Circuit. Note, he's not quoting them, just making up things. | Santorum Faces Occupy http://t.co/U4ub3t5n #
  • EDUCATE ALL THE PEOPLE!!! | The World Of Open Textbooks Just Became A Little More Crowded – And A Little More Open http://t.co/QfgQeQVM #
  • The state still owes me over $200, how about that? | District owed money from state http://t.co/q7neO05T #
  • News needs vetted, but to tie their hands? | Sky Tells Reporters Not To Use Twitter To Break News Without Permission http://t.co/UfwmL6Bs #
  • Here's something to make your computer lightning fast for just over $100. | Patriot Pyro 2.5 Solid State Drive 120GB http://t.co/DUthnGFH #
  • Quite correct advice for those in IST. | Need a Job? Learn Linux http://t.co/M9I25q8g #
  • Don't forget, 123456 is a great password, really. | Cyberwar Is the New Yellowcake, http://t.co/6CZwVln7 #
  • Store all the things! | HP 165 Series 32GB USB Flash Drive $22.99 http://t.co/JLgiYaqH #
  • This is stupid because "…data hogs consume … their data during off-peak hours when networks are under less strain." http://t.co/jr57MuzV #
  • Typical when something is evil. | Canada wants warrantless Internet spying, says critics support child porn http://t.co/MvtiIKrA #
  • IT people mock your browser toolbars like accountants mock you for not knowing about double-declining depreciation. @JohnGcomedy #
  • http://t.co/xJ9SD7Ar Heading home now! #
  • Fifteen bucks, little man, put that money in my hand. #
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