Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-02-18

  • In case you might consider renting Catch.44 – don't. Bruce Willis must have owed someone a favor. #
  • Simple things I hope you are all doing to smooth out the workday. | 15 Ways To Stay Focused At Work http://t.co/Pze5p5cs #
  • Soon Number Johnny-5 may be cutting you off. | Nevada gives green light to self-driving cars http://t.co/3N36pbgY #
  • Pretty sure this will complete Google's ownership of my life. | Google Drive in the wild? Screenshot and possible logo http://t.co/sLdy76cK #
  • Nothing like putting Siri on my iPhone 4, and now it won't work. #
  • 26.6% of the population in poverty? Let's increase the debt and thus taxes! Proof – http://t.co/9baIoaHh http://t.co/VMGZ4T7Q #
  • Too. Much. Pizza. (at The Crizzib) — http://t.co/Gv4Ck6y6 #