Candidates 2012 – My opinion

Since Obama is the default candidate the D side will run, let me address my opinions about the lackluster R team. Santorum is a loon-ball who believes what he says. Seriously. Go read several of his speeches and sound bites. He is pandering to the religious crowd (what the press calls ‘evangelical’), and they are eating it up. Pay no attention to the fact that the man is an idiot when it comes to finances and he wants to turn the USA into a christian political state. If that is your ideal, perhaps he is your candidate.

Newt Gingrich is a battle-hardened politician. What does that mean? He plays the games that we all know politicians play. You know, insider trading, $1,000-a-plate fundraisers, ‘vote for my bullshit project and I’ll vote for yours’, and all the other games rich white guys play with your money that makes them richer. I see no value to Gingrich other than he’s a dick and would probably not take bullshit from other countries. Oh yeah, and he comes off as an asshole.

Mitt Romney seems to be a light version of Bill Clinton from the R side. He’s fairly smooth talking, has decent old-guy looks, and doesn’t look quite as old as Newt. That pretty much guarantees him a nomination assuming Santorum doesn’t sweep it out from under him. Romney seems to be another status quo guy who has no plan to fix anything. Also, he comes off as a dick too.

Then there is paw-paw Ron Paul. Damn Ron Paul is old. He slid into the R party from the Libertarians to have a better chance at elections and to help his son Rand Paul’s chances in my opinion. Some say traitor, I say that I understand. Dr. Paul is the oldest candidate and has been a career politician (other than practicing medicine). I loathe career politicians, however I am a fan of Dr. Paul. Mostly because I like his still-present Libertarian leanings and that he doesn’t care when the other politicians say his ideas are in left field. At least the man has different ideas that might bring about change for this country. No one else has offered anything fruitful over the past two decades. Sadly, paw-paw Paul is too old to be electable and the dumb-ass electorate (you) disregard him as crazy because he doesn’t fall in line with D or R. Those guys are doing a great job – keep it up!

In short I hope you all go vote for an independent party. There are quite a few independent parties that are struggling for enough votes to get ‘ballot access’ and as a bonus – they believe in what their party states as its goal! That’s a crazy idea when the D and R camps only fight over who gets to distribute our money how they choose. These two do NOT represent the ideals they used to, but your mind tells you they do. D/R candidates say just enough to get you to reach the conclusion that they believe X or Y. They don’t, but your bias tells you they do.

Get out there and think for yourself. Vote independent so that we can get some real competition for our vote.