Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-03-10

  • In today's news of the stupid… | steal judge's nameplate and then post a photo on Facebook http://t.co/Wlvov92E #
  • It's so true. So true… | New Father Remembers Time When Baseball Wasn't So Goddamn Meaningful http://t.co/n12AGoOR #
  • Maybe you know them all, maybe you don't. | 30 Ways to Get Money Fast http://t.co/4pGSmtoA #
  • Change to a place that acts more like a co-op. | 10 Reasons Credit Unions Are Better Than Banks http://t.co/v7225CK3 #
  • THIS is why people who could pay, pirate movies. | I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened http://t.co/j65CcN90 #
  • But it's piracy that is killing the artists… | Sony Pays 8 Million to Settle with Allman Brothers, Cheap Trick http://t.co/VEWxC1P2 #