Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-03-20

  • Your almost daily Star Wars link. | Om Nom Nom Nom: AT-AT Cake [Pic] http://t.co/jhztiass #
  • This is advice everyone should take – myself included. | Talking About Money? Please Don’t. http://t.co/IGHRKrMC #
  • I have several friends who can sell snow to Eskimos. This is relevant. | Be Confident Without Being Cocky http://t.co/d2lTka2E #
  • Super-slick email app. It could be a useful tool for many. | Sparrow for iPhone User Guide http://t.co/0f0qTDv9 #
  • If you have an Android device, this explains why to use CM9 – it's GREAT. | CyanogenMod 9 alpha puts Samsung to shame http://t.co/JvqoseYW #
  • A little harsh, but true… http://t.co/X1FtFx4N #