Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-03-27

  • They’re cheap, but they’re cheap. | 3 x USB Sync Charger Cable for iPhone iPod http://t.co/BNTTenYS #
  • 11 calls, 5 voicemails, and 3 emails. My vacation day was pretty slow. Too bad now I have to call them back. #
  • The Toy Box = winning. PotC = probably. | Save 50% on Disney Box Collections on Blu-ray http://t.co/P3Yzmomw #
  • Whatever happened to Voorhees, the twins, and Vader? Go look. | HORROR VACUI http://t.co/Zz5Kcbsc #
  • All are 1st world problems, but why give away your money to corporations? | How To Quickly Reduce Expenses http://t.co/yTdHGkBN #
  • … a society are able to their ability to be educated, work in relevant jobs, participate in government, and be cared for when necessary. #
  • Now my wife has a game to play. | ‘Mad Men’ game full of pixelated whiskey and cigarettes http://t.co/b9LaUoUI #
  • For some this might be the best solution. | Adjusting to a Cash Only Lifestyle http://t.co/YEyVaPgh #
  • If you have nothing to hide… | Guidelines Give Authorities Access to Private Info of Innocent Americans http://t.co/KGPTgGg2 #
  • Positive spin rehash of the REAL ID card that failed. | A national ID card that protects voting rights http://t.co/l1TQABCM #
  • Man, ripping DVDs with Handbrake will tax a processor something fierce. #
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