Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-04-04

  • Don’t worry, this ‘cyber war’ is made up hokum. | How China Steals Our Secrets http://t.co/wMQ0BUbS #
  • Me being ticked at our City Council. | Daniel Voyles › I’m still miffed about this new tax http://t.co/xKmJG5jK #
  • At least some are correct. | 10 Important Personal Finance Lessons Every Person Should Know http://t.co/yVIx7BEq #
  • So many people have no clue. Go learn how to use common structure. | How to Write a Formal Letter http://t.co/JMiANPp5 #
  • It boils down to self-reflection. | Become a Better Person by Keeping a Journal http://t.co/S0tA08KM #
  • #1 is so true. | 7 Things You Should Add to Your Stop Doing List…Right Now http://t.co/7T3KsDqO #
  • Tonight on @BigKevsView – the return of @FoFemily? Tune in later to find out. #
  • Daily Star Wars link. Here is the droid you’re looking for… Follow it further at your own risk. http://t.co/N8vzmAuP #