Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-04-12

  • Oh, you want to stay our customer? Pay us an activation fee when you upgrade and stay our customer. | Upgrade Fee http://t.co/Nwd3x7BA #
  • Congrats! You got in to UCLA! Well, not quite. | Nearly 900 wrongly told they were admitted to UCLA http://t.co/uBliTtQn #
  • It’s not everything, but things that you may need. Or a good laugh – there’s always that. | What I Learned From Batman http://t.co/dIa1uw9q #
  • For shame. | Feds Tried To Destroy Evidence Of Memo Saying They Were Committing War Crimes With Torture http://t.co/mxSl2yFN #
  • Sensationalism sells and erodes freedom. | Overreacting To Anonymous A Greater Threat To Freedom Than Any Attacks http://t.co/QoZ8e44X #
  • I second LibreOffice. All the functionality, none of the price. | 75 Open Source Replacements for Software http://t.co/CHowHVyN #
  • This is not funny. | http://t.co/CT4s2cFM #
  • Always something… | Android vulnerability gives apps access to sensitive data without permission http://t.co/BfNRi808 #
  • Regrets, you has them? | Things Most People Regret Buying http://t.co/JsvckbWP #