Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-04-20

  • I see wire snipping in my future. | 'Big brother' black boxes to soon be mandatory in all new cars http://t.co/gSJs9Y9F #
  • Welcome to a PR nightmare, cruise line. | Cruise Ship Didn't Aid Drifting Boat, Passengers Say http://t.co/VL4Rk0S1 #
  • Poor Mr. Lauren… | Depressed Ralph Lauren Releases New Wrinkled Dress Shirt With Marinara Stain On It http://t.co/4cGOyMTu #
  • I feel safe. Companies never skirt to make more money. | USDA to Let Industry Self-Inspect Chicken http://t.co/rgRS97oU #
  • Your Star Wars link. Give it a second… | Boba Fett http://t.co/taihHjUA #
  • You had a good run, Pudge. | Catcher Ivan Rodriguez Will Retire After A 23-Year Career http://t.co/aKnSaH5B #