Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-04-21

  • I might as well be Catholic for all the guilt. #
  • No, a yard sale at noon does not mean 'Come by at 830am.' #
  • I especially like the Twain, Hepburn, and Dalai Lama selections. | 20 Encouraging Quotes http://t.co/naOhiByq #
  • Because the gov't is sooo good with money. | Government Takeover Of Farm Subsidy Would Save Billions, Economist Says http://t.co/z46UwPOE #
  • What is business as usual, Alex? | When Lobbyists Pay To Meet With Congressmen http://t.co/8rKRn5uO #
  • Ew. RT @OMGFactsSex: Marilyn Monroe bleached her pubic hair and never wore panties. #
  • I loved that YouTube clip. | Crazy Harry. http://t.co/NG0Jpvoq #
  • And they don't realize it. | Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable Due To Facebook http://t.co/JvracAdn #
  • If you find a syntax error for your superior, don't post about it on social sites. #