Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-05-17

  • Might consider a ball instead of chair too. | Standing: The One Simple Trick That Can Double Your Productivity http://t.co/pqOo8AZs #
  • Sadly, this ties in to 'Just do it.' Write a letter to your kids. Do something. | It's Time to Change Your Life http://t.co/EynqTMHo #
  • Bet you don't have this one. (DSWL) | Star Wars Clock Starships and Fighters Clock http://t.co/GwEe8la2 #
  • Seems reasonable. | Why Fewer Voters Can Mean Better Elections http://t.co/aujMOl0o #
  • Quit breaking the law self-righteous PARENTS. Not a school's place though. | Students face expulsion for using Facebook http://t.co/VvxM7M8Y #
  • Good reminders. | 15 Minutes to Workplace Sanity http://t.co/fkNd9qkr #
  • Wow, the new jobs will provide a $10K+ increase in household income! | DMDC holds annual membership dinner http://t.co/UDzKowil #
  • In other Red Bud news – chickens crossed the road bout noon 'cordin to grams | Bank robbed at gunpoint in Red Bud, Ill. http://t.co/66pLQ13P #
  • If everyone is a criminal, who is free? You can't outlaw stupid. | Communities start to fine for texting and walking http://t.co/YbdcqUlJ #
  • RT @OMGFactsSex: The origin of the word 'penis' is Latin, meaning 'tail.' – Makes sense as all with it are devils. #
  • Staycations are out, Nakations are in? Give it a shot? | Bare all at a Las Vegas convention on naked vacations http://t.co/JVEukQ6x #
  • Go, learn, and have fun. | World War II event to be held http://t.co/OVM9XiNt #
  • Hippies. | Poll: 74 Percent of Americans, 67 Percent of Republicans, Want Obama to End Medical Marijuana Crackdown http://t.co/T3brab5S #
  • Further proof women should go topless. Thoughts? | Bikini booster blamed for burned boobs http://t.co/jgoXBtLb #
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