Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-05-23

  • Not much really. | How You’re Breaking the Law Every Day (and What You Can Do About It) http://t.co/jniCSBF5 #
  • Wow. Ours was 1/1,000 of that. | Wedding costs may rise to $27,000 or more http://t.co/5nWtND8T #
  • Did NONE of these guys learn from Billy C.? DEA agents under investigation for allegedly hiring Colombian prostitutes http://t.co/SgKrl30h #
  • Don’t carry cash, because the police will take it. | Man Loses $22,000 In New ‘Policing For Profit’ Case http://t.co/ULa6SzSr #
  • Duh. | “You have zero privacy anyway….Get over it.” http://t.co/8DiMFGUo #
  • Makes this affordable: http://t.co/IPM5Zbz1 | Silicon Valley executive nabbed in false barcode scheme involving Lego http://t.co/xqZuuASZ #
  • Prepare to control your PC like Tony Stark. | A ‘Leap’ forward in gesture-control interfaces? http://t.co/KuiiGnx6 #
  • Now that’s a celebration. | 8 shot after Oklahoma City Thunder playoff win http://t.co/sezVCPEj #
  • More than you think, and definitely more than you want. | How Much Can Potential Employers Ask About You? http://t.co/mKXZ3X0L #