Dan’s Tweets for 2012-06-02

  • It's a depression folks. Quit trying to pretty it up. | Weak US jobs figures for May hit markets http://t.co/SnS0nxFu #
  • We are doing this, but don't you think other countries do the same? | Obama Ordered Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran http://t.co/mz2RN1JO #
  • Anyone hear of 'personal responsibility? | Big Gulp? Meet Big Brother http://t.co/2I6F9A6s #
  • This should be a 'duh' by now. | Obama takes cyberwarfare to new level, report says http://t.co/8IdalCY5 #
  • To this I want to yell 'WAHOO' on the mountain. | No Copyrights on APIs: Judge Defends Interoperability and Innovation http://t.co/1X9tFFzt #
  • It's HuffPo, but a great decision that is overdue! | Illinois Eavesdropping Law Reversed: Court Sides With Recordings http://t.co/kNI0S3N6 #
  • THIS is part of the reason medicine/insurance is expensive. | Family awarded $3 million in man's sex death http://t.co/5t63Y2rb #
  • Gadgets, whiteboards, or Post-its – what's your method? | 15 Ways to Clean Up and Conquer Office Clutter http://t.co/ZZZmzOlr #
  • For all you amateur gardeners. | How To Grow The Tastiest Tomato? One Secret's In The Soil http://t.co/lvio29tm #