Dan’s Tweets for 2012-06-05

  • What happened to 30 years and a gold watch? | Pushed Out of the Workforce. Are You Ready? http://t.co/LEZZ052a #
  • Don't worry, surely they won't come for you. | The cyberwar may be headed to your computer http://t.co/j9NWR2bL #
  • Complains about pedophiles… http://t.co/UAAKWmJ5 #
  • The short answer, again, is no. | Should 11-year-olds join Facebook? http://t.co/JNg1jnTg #
  • Either live it, or don't. http://t.co/orSf8Peq #
  • Better run those updates, kids. | Microsoft throws 'kill switch' on own certificates after Flame hijack http://t.co/eyprFpOa #
  • Have an old backpack? Start preparing today because you don't know when it will be needed. | Gather Emergency Supplies http://t.co/3lKr7VXs #
  • TL;DR: There will always be thieves. Adapt and sell! | Music, Books and Online Piracy http://t.co/K9RCsBaH #
  • Nobody believes you when you call it a depression. | "US economic outlook darkens after jobs report" http://t.co/bWYGxyWE #
  • Here comes the 'AB is a virus' dumbass posts. | Fox News Ties Flame Malware To Angry Birds Because Both Use LUA http://t.co/y9HnVlvS #
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