Dan’s Tweets for 2012-06-13

  • GREAT app if you're into weight loss and/or watching what you eat. | Lose It http://t.co/51VvX1KN #
  • Homebrew festival = no homebrew? | St. Louis: Homebrew is illegal at Heritage Festival http://t.co/a90mXwEd #
  • GREAT remote if you need a universal. | Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote (REFURB) $59.99 Free Shipping http://t.co/9AxWPhuQ #
  • So, it's about penalized like drunk driving. Kinda okay with that. | The Financial Cost of Texting and Driving http://t.co/4G1Z7FR8 #
  • Yes, your government does this stuff. Duh. | Flame and Stuxnet: Two cyber weapons unleashed by same master http://t.co/fseBEDub #
  • Mmmm, police state… | Police Arrest Woman For Filming Them, Take Phone, Claim That It Must Be Kept As 'Evidence' http://t.co/blvdFJTr #
  • Roomba for your lawn! | John Deere Self Powered Tango E5 Robotic Lawn Mower http://t.co/V9KTnzwL #
  • Your DSWL is a funny. | Boba Fett VS Road Runner http://t.co/QnxGfoMr #
  • Another DSWL with cuff links in Star Wars theme. The picture is wrong, click the link. http://t.co/UwRVzujM #
  • Sounds like they messin' with the natural order… | Three-person IVF 'is ethical' to treat mitochondrial disease http://t.co/7rx3u8er #
  • And the 'Parent of the Year Award' goes to… | Mom put ‘angel dust’ in kid’s food http://t.co/AjIOcFlx #
  • Not a bad deal if you like the hippity-hop. | Beats by Dr. Dre Monster iBeats Earbuds http://t.co/mcO7tYHQ #
  • For you fanboys and those who are curious. | MacBook Pro with Retina Display Teardown http://t.co/CeGkpoEf #
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