Drug testing for welfare is not what you think

So, I appreciate the drug test for welfare idea. Unfortunately people are neglecting the fact that these tests are not free. People must observe the testing, maintain a chain of custody, test and certify, return the results, and then deal with appeals of results.

Simple? No. The government is involved. It sounds great, but in reality you are only spending more money. The cheap test from Walgreens is ~$30. What do you think the expense of the rest of the process is to you the taxpayer? I’d venture a guess of $500 from administration to final result assuming no appeals. So, take the number of people on welfare multiplied by my completely made up cost of $500 and I think you’ll find this is not the dream solution that it sounds like on the surface.

Again, I like the idea of testing people getting free money for drugs and alcohol (why not? it’s a drug too). The sad truth is that we are only creating another black hole for politicians to shove money into for eternity. I say for eternity because no politician will ever say we need to stop testing these people for drugs. That would be political suicide because any opponent can twist that act into ‘My opponent supports allowing those on welfare to use drugs.’

Another factor that people should examine is that these people are the poorest of the poor. Qualifying for welfare is no easy task. Go look up the criteria some time. You basically have to be living on the street to get anything and then what you do get is a very small amount. Welfare is separate from food stamps/LINK/SNAP/whatever you want to call it.

I know we all get pissed off watching someone check out at Kroger with crab legs, steak, and lobster tails paying with their LINK/SNAP card, but drug testing for welfare is not doing anything about that problem. If you want to curb people blowing SNAP on high-end foods, then support changing what foods are qualified for that program. Hot or ready-to-eat foods are already excluded, so there can be other requirements I am sure.

Quit posting dumb shit to Facebook or sending chain emails about something you haven’t thought through and don’t understand. I swear if the politicians don’t tax us to death our undoing will be ignorance.

EDIT: Here is a link to some results from Florida showing about 2% positive results. Here is a link showing how Florida is losing money.