Dan’s Tweets for 2012-07-18

  • “Thoughts become things.” ~ Buddha #
  • Those crazy fifties… | Five Men Stand Directly Under An Exploding Nuclear Bomb http://t.co/Kbz7eaDH #
  • Not a bad deal for trekkies. (Christmas is coming) | $40 Blu-ray Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection I – VI http://t.co/K1jZXM32 #
  • Writer's block strikes again. If you have tech questions or subjects you would like to know more about, please… http://t.co/PL74dVn7 #
  • DUH. We're in a depression. | In 'Dour' Report, Fed's Bernanke Says Economy Has Decelerated http://t.co/aAkTIzbk #
  • Nice 'in' joke if you've seen the movie. | Shawarma http://t.co/2gHNjc7P #
  • So, here's a list to fill your shelves. | 88 books that shaped America, at the Library of Congress http://t.co/UlbQtW8P #
  • Here's a hint for my conservative friends: Republicans are liars too. #