Dan’s Tweets for 2012-07-24

  • If it has an 'olympics', shouldn't hipsters hate themselves? I do. | Photos: Competing in the Hipster Olympics http://t.co/4xnngYU8 #
  • I think it's mohawk time. #
  • Cue 'blame video games' | Holmes 'broke up with girlfriend' just before Dark Knight Rises shooting spree in Colorado http://t.co/AU6PeeVW #
  • How many can you check off the list? | Aging is Expensive Even When You Aren’t Old http://t.co/Upv5euSi #
  • Go forth and support auditing the Fed. Amazing how the monetary basis for a country can run wild and un-checked… http://t.co/7Q31gA0k #
  • I'm not being mean, but was it a true TRAGEDY or just sad? A life cut short: Remembering the tragedy of Amy Winehouse http://t.co/2Gd1bE47 #
  • Take away ALL THE GUNS! Because, you know, criminals would obey THAT law. | Mass murder and powerful firearms http://t.co/vv0frsVL #
  • Buy my house. http://t.co/1JhmZi0K #
  • 'Hate' crime is still crime. Quit trying to spin it and divide people. | Cops see hate crime in woman's mutilation http://t.co/b2INXHzs #
  • Y'all should go follow the funny dude @OldManRobR and be entertained. He's quiet, but hilarious when he tweets. #ff #
  • KFVS has, in big bold across the top of their page 'MOVIE THEATER MASSACRE – extended coverage'. Mmmmm, plying… http://t.co/Z6hYTBMZ #
  • Don't worry, keep electing the same people. | Feds Wait Until Late Friday To Admit That They Ignored The 4th Amendment http://t.co/pVlKWHX3 #
  • If the ads for 'Step Up Revolution' look good to you, please de-friend me. #
  • Good morning, everyone. #
  • Why Some Types Of Multitasking Whilst Driving Are More Dangerous Than Others http://t.co/mbasP7Mm #
  • Anyone want to keep me company at a black tie dinner next Wednesday? I can only promise free drinks, dinner, and… http://t.co/dmlpowIs #
  • I'm feeling rather quote-y today.

    Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is… http://t.co/wZg5OLfQ #

  • Bingo. It all comes down to your choices, folks. | Financial Excuses: Can’t vs Won’t http://t.co/NuEZBiwn #