Dan’s Tweets for 2012-07-30

  • As of yesterday Erich can check off .22, 9mm, .45, and of course pellet rifle off the list of guns shot. Always… http://t.co/LFKRwPr2 #
  • Two seasons of Breaking Bad down. #
  • Everyone boycotting JC Penney over religion – don’t forget to boycott Wal-Mart and all the other places that sell… http://t.co/fsVnUck1 #
  • Um, it’s a risk. It sucks, but you (he) made the choice to do it. | Lawsuits ignite debate over trampoline park safety http://t.co/DsINlQrQ #
  • TL;DR: Not. There is no 4G right now. | Is the AT&T iPhone 4S a 4G phone or not? http://t.co/dP4C44cb #
  • This seems accurate. | Engineering flowchart http://t.co/ETHqy9Sx #